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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking has it's origins in Finland as a form of exercise to keep cross-country skiers' fitness up during the summer months.  It has since become a popular form of exercise in Europe, the UK and USA.

Specialist poles are used to walk. It's different to using walking poles as a certain technique is used. Instead of pulling yourself forwards, as with walking poles, you are always pushing yourself forwards. So, what does Nordic Walking do that's different? It uses what's called cross-chord movement patterns, essential for healthy brain activity, enhancing co-ordination. It incorporates using the large muscles of the back to move. These means that you can go faster and further, with less fatigue on your legs and joints. It puts small rotation into the lumbar spine and improves your core stability. It can reduce wear and tear on the knees and help balance. It also gets you outside - natural sunlight and being in an environment of nature has also been proven to have beneficial effects on brain chemical activity.

As a low intensity exercise it is good for those people returning from injury or with illnesses that stop them from taking part in some activities. Due to the nature of gentle cardio exercise, it can be used for fat burning and healthy fat loss in conjunction with a controlled nutrition plan and habits. It also works as a great group exercise where everyone gets to interact with each other.

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